“The Rural Fire Service (RFS) headquarters in Homebush was even evacuated after smoke alarms went off inside the building.”

How ironic


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5 thought on “The Rural Fire Service (RFS) headquarters in Homebush was even evacuated… 10th December 2019”
  1. Very thick here this morning. Went for a swim at Kiama, much cooler southerly came through around 11am, but only along very coastal fringe, lucky my home is in it and 22-23c, but just 5km west its 29C, and Moss Vale is 36c

  2. yeah much better here now. Smoke is hanging above the denser maritime air. Should stay there with the second part of the change pushing through in the mid levels soon.

  3. Not surprised given the amount that is hanging about. I drove from QLD day before yesterday and had to do it with the windows up it was that thick, Even the aircon in the car did not help much.

  4. I sold a photo of a Fyshwick fire alarm installation company ablaze to them many years ago lol

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