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Extreme Storms Channel - Storm Video Collection

Below is only a sample of the compiled storm video collection by storm chasers Michael Bath and Jimmy Deguara have taken over the years. Included are some incredible storm video footage of hailstorms, tornadoes, lightning and storm structure both in Australia and the United States (Tornado Alley)! Obviously the ultimate in storm chasing is the supercell beast with incredible rotation. Enjoy some spectacular jaw-dropping storms as storms become sculptured into menacing beasts - just the sight of some of these storms demand respect! Tripods and extensive video edits have been extensively utilised to please timelapse enthusiasts. Also check the Extreme Storm Photography page

Sit back, relax and enjoy the EXTREME STORMS VIDEO CHANNEL

Of course, of my favourite all time video is of an Australian tornado up close and personal - the Dunoon tornado. This is a special full version release of the tornado footage! On this day, storms developed during the early afternoon west of Casino, NSW. This storm eventually became a supercell complete with wall cloud and hail to about 5cm in diameter. The storm weakened as it neared Lismore. Another updraft and associated base developed north of town. This storm went on to produce the Dunoon tornado. The storm video shows the funnel cloud with invisible but dynamic condensation funnel and debris at ground level. Later, the video shows an impact of a corrugated iron shorting the substation in spectacular fashion. Multi-vortex tornado behaviour soon follows. An incredible but scary event for Australia with up close and personal tornado footage.

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