Here it is again - research relates the increase in hailstorm to human based global warming.

“"We cannot discount the possibility that our observations are part of natural variability, and 38 years of data are not enough to capture this possible variability," Tang said. "However, we also have scientific reason to believe that there might be a connection with anthropogenic climate change. More research is needed to better determine the causes of these large hail trends."

We have reason to believe after mentioning natural variability and more houses oh well even more reason I am starting to detract from science. It seems tp be the necessary evil if you want to be appreciated or noticed by the scientific community as well as funding. Sad - very sad.

Paul Graham Michael Scollay

Study: Favorable environments for large hail increasing across U.S.

A group of atmospheric scientists have uncovered an environmental footprint that could help explain why the cost of hailstorm damage is rapidly increasing in the United States.


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  1. People make the mistake of thinking the production of scientific knowledge is “pure” and free from political influence. It is not. To get funded and to get published you have to toe the line. It’s called academic herding.

    Universities are left wing, and in theory you have ‘intellectual freedom” but in reality you do not.

    These scientists are saying we can’t prove any connection but they have to satisfy their masters.

    The interesting thing is to follow an article from an academic journal as it makes it’s way to the left wing media. The report will be cherry picked and the media will say 97% of scientists agree ….

  2. Just look at the upper levels to see the combined polar and subtropical jets waving north & south in the Northern Hemisphere. When this wave is stable, it loops through the middle of the USA creating the situation you see above. This wave is mysteriously stable too.

  3. When does it become a point of learning to adapt verses thinking money spent on campaigns to alarm people will somehow stop change?

    Humans are at the top of evolution for a reason. We don’t need lectures we need advancement. That takes time and money. It can’t be rushed. No species learned to adapt overnight.

  4. The evidence for anthropogenic cilmate change is overwhelming. As has been pointed out before, we’re seeing the effects in retreating glaciers and Arctic sea ice, far more warm weather records to cold weather records and more frequent coastal inundation and erosion as sea levels rise. So the question is what impact it might be having on large hail frequency. It might be that in the short term it’s not a significant impact. But it’s something that has to be answered.

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