Fire Dangers Continue 23rd October 2013

Haines_Index_23rd_October_2013The fires are far from over. Tuesday saw cooler conditions across the most fire affected regions due to a cloud mass and even some rain. Unfortunately, today warm to very warm and windy conditions are set develop across the regions. The most ideal conditions based on the Haines Index (a measure of all the typical fire weather parameters) is maximised on the Hunter region

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  1. Yesterday and overnight thunderstorms across NSW generated some 26,155 lightning strikes / flashes including 285 flashes and strikes across the Sydney basin according to the GPATS data 22/10/13 to 23/10/13. Most of these were in Southern NSW, Central West NSW and the Blue Mountains including Sydney.

    Storms appeared to have been fast moving so they did not produce much rainfall except in the Snowy Mts of the state. Its quite possible that new fires have been started but only time will tell.

    The showers and storm cells only generated 2 mm to 7 mm of rain across the Blue Mountains which is best described as patchy. It is likely that large areas affected by the bushfire received little or no rain.

    Most areas of Sydney received at least 3 mm to 6 mm from light showers and from an early morning storm cell.

    The fire maps on the news sites appear to show a new fire within the Putty Road area not too far from Colo or Colo Heights.

    Temperatures today across Sydney reached into the low to mid 30s again (11th such day this month for Blacktown and the 17th such day this spring to date). Coupled with the NW winds again, any benefit from last night was quickly lost.

    I noted today, the main smoke plume was further north than the last few days so much of Southern Sydney was bathed in clear sunshine.

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