Storm, Storm Chase, Storm Chasers, Storm Chasing and Extreme Storms

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Storm, Storm Chase, Storm Chasers, Storm Chasing and Extreme Storms

Tornado in Colorado

Cover Photo: Tornado in Colorado - Courtesy Michael Bath

Storm Chasing, Extreme Storms and Tropical Cyclones

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Huge 10cm hailstone 10th December 2014 storm

Huge 10cm hailstone spawned by a powerful supercell on the Putty Road north of Sydney 10th December 2014 storm

Storm Chasing involves chasing of either storms, tornadoes or tropical cyclones. The dream for any storm chaser of course are tornadoes. This website covers stories about  chasing storms, tropical cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons, and extreme storm events from around the globe! Included are local chases and those from Tornado Alley. Extreme storm events include tornadoes, tropical cyclones and typhoons such as Tropical Cyclone Ita and Larry, violent tornadoes, devastating hailstorms, flash flood events and other discussions occurs here.  This website has been tailored to integrate with Facebook, Twitter and other social media which means you should be able to log in with Facebook on here.

Storm chasing has been around since the 1970's and expanded rapidly with the introduction and success of the internet, the movie Twister in 1996 as well as countless documentaries.

Now there are literally thousands of chasers in the United States as well as other countries around the world.  Storm chasing now is established in countries such as  Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain, Italy and other countries in Europe and South Africa. Unfortunately, the deaths of Storm Chasers Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras and Karl Young during the El Reno tornado May 31st 2013 has changed the face of storm chasing and the way chasing should be approached.

Extreme chasers more often than most are people encounter some seriously violent weather - this 10cm giant hailstone is one example of such extremes spawned by a powerful supercell 10th December 2014.

Enjoy and check new weather, typhoon, hurricane and tornado articles as they are added on the side. These articles are updated regularly with the latest extreme storm, tropical cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons and other extreme weather events.

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