Precautions during adverse weather conditions

What to do during a hurricane, storm and other natural disasters if you are in the house and why shut off the water supply.

A light breeze, especially in hot weather, is pleasant for everyone. Each of us has heard the expression "like a breath of fresh air" more than once, and some of us use it often.

But what if a light wind develops into one of nature's worst phenomena; a hurricane or a storm?

There are thousands of tips on how a person should behave during the aforementioned natural disasters. But in this article from Gold Coast plumbers, we will talk about the first steps to take if you are in the house and there is a strong wind raging outside your window.

First and foremost: close windows and doors and stay away from them.

It is also necessary to turn off electrical appliances; TV, refrigerator, computer and others.

Agree that we know these rules without any hints. But this is not all you need to do in the house if you find yourself captive to a strong wind.

It is imperative to close the taps on the gas mains, as well as shut off the water in the house. But why shut off the water if there is water all around? It's simple: situations are different. Even if you're in the house, that doesn't mean you're safe from electricity, even if you shut off the power.

Bad weather can cause water to break through a house, and if an electric pole can fall through a house window from a strong wind, it can lead to unpredictable or severe consequences.

Human safety is paramount, so don't ignore expert advice and shut off the water supply in case of a natural disaster.

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