Tropical Cyclone Edna Forms and weakens off Queensland

Tropical Cyclone Edna weakens_2nd_February_2014Not much publicity from this event due to the quick development and demise of Tropical Cyclone Edna well off the Queensland coast. At this stage it poses no threat to the Queensland coast and is still downgraded as a tropical low.

5 thought on “Tropical Cyclone Edna Forms and weakens off Queensland”
  1. I guess there is guarantee then they have to issue a tropical cyclone warning based on the definition. Remember they also have to consider maritime warnings.

  2. They still give maritime warnings for tropical lows, i don't think they should name a cyclone if there is enough indication that it will only stay category 1 for a day or less. there are a multitude of polar lows that are far more powerful that never get a category or a name.

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