Chased up to Parkes and then gradually got chased back. Overtook the line going through Orange at Bathurst . Got until hail 3 times but nothing sizeable. The rain though was very intense - dangerous conditions both in visibility and hydroplaning potential. And of course an intense mricoburst hit west of Orange near Molong and this put down a branch in front of my vehicle! It blocked the road but I was just able to go around it! Interestingly I had taken the precaution of looking for branches going given the strength of the winds and the tree lined road at that point. I was only about 200 metres within the tree region!


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10 thought on “Severe Storms, Hail, Wind and Dust Parkes to Orange 13th December 2018”
  1. more thunder just now can heari5 in orange dont konw if another front is moving in or what ? But the rain earlier and winds caused around 33 ses call outs etc

  2. Where i was in orange no hail just waves and waves of rain and winds ses had over 44 jobs and that was with the first round dont know about the storm that hit later as it was to dark to see but a lot of trees down power poles got hit etc

  3. We started only 70kms away from each other. I started at Marsden (after an overnight stay at Parkes). Good stuff and yes the rain ! it was intense to the point that I was thinking if I stop and let it take me over rather than drive on I would be trapped by a flash flood gully or creek

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