Tropical Cyclone Sandra warning for Lord Howe Island 2

imageGiven the trajectory of Tropical Cyclone Sandra still at Category 2, a Tropical Cyclone Warning now includes Lord Howe Island. This warning has been issued more from the uncertainty of its trajectory than a high probability of a direct hit.

2 thought on “Tropical Cyclone Sandra warning for Lord Howe Island”
  1. Tropical Cyclone Sandra passed just to the east of Lord Howe Island last night as a category 2 system. Highest gusts reported from the island were 146km/h at Windy Point at 10.18pm while the airport weather station had a top gust of 120km/h at 9pm. Gusts over 100km/h persisted for more than 10 hours.

    Shown here is the satellite image taken around the same time as the strongest gusts.

    More than a week ago some of the weather models had this cyclone passing across SEQ/ NE NSW so we are fortunate it took a more typical sort of track.

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