Tropical Cyclone Advice for Townsville 30th January 2014 2

tropical cyclone advice January 30th 2014A tropical cyclone advice / warning has been issued for the central Queensland Coast centred on the region near Townsville. A tropical low is developing and may develop into a category 1 tropical cyclone by later in the day before making landfall. Heavy rainfall and winds of about 120km/h are possible as the tropical low makes landfall and ventures inland.

This may be some of the best news for drought stricken regions of central Queensland with probably the best rainfall in one year for most!

More information and latest warnings can be found on the Bureau of Meteorology and Australian Severe Weather Cyclones page.


8 thought on “Tropical Cyclone Advice for Townsville 30th January 2014”
  1. Matthew Piper must have had a sleepless night? He is in the path of this possible developing tropical cyclone that should be named Dylan if it develops.

  2. The city of Mackay and Townsville if I am not mistaken have low lying areas that given a significant tropical cyclone can be in some trouble of flooding from larger storm surges. Comments?

  3. The strongest winds near the centre of Cyclone Dylan were recorded at Flinders Reef at 6:30pm yesterday. It was near the northern eye wall at the time and had sustained winds of 106 gusting to 135 km/h.

  4. I have certainly had quite a few sleepless nights lately catching up on the latest radar and satellite imagery and trying to figure out where this cyclone was headed. When the forecast winds were upped to 150 km/h yesterday I must admit to having a feeling of dread come on knowing that this may potentially move over me.

  5. Townsville has a lot of low lying areas near the CBD which are prone to flooding by king tides let alone storm tides. There are also quite a few other areas around town which can be affected by larger storm surges. The storm surge flood maps available on the Townsville council website are very informative about where flooding may occur.

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