Tornado in Bangladesh apparently. Can anyone verify the type of vegetation - seems to be some palm trees. It does look like a higher CAPE tornado with strong upmotion. Rare footage!

Behaviour looks like the Manchester South Dakota footage to a certain extent!

Here is another clip - imagine chasing a tornado with a tricycle or jeepney!

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  1. Apparently it is confirmed over 20 people killed. The damage is consistent of tornado damage too! And of course we have two different sources of videos – take a look!

  2. I suspect we'll see more footage coming from that part of the world as more people are able to afford smart phones.

  3. I always find the Bangladesh storm season fascinating. From memory, late March/April is the peak for tornadoes in Bangladesh – before the monsoon kicks in and the stronger mid-level flow retreats northward. I kept track of last the storm seasons in Bangladesh and one think that really struck me was number of people that die due to lightning. Last April alone, 100 people were killed by lightning. I imagine the true number may even be higher than that.

  4. Michael Thomas, that is an interesting statistic with respect to lightning related deaths. I guess that adds weight to the argument that the storms develop more as a result of higher CAPE environments than extreme shear dynamics! Furthermore, if you saw in the video, a tornado was nearby under this menacing rainfree base and people are out and about in the fields!

  5. Hi Simon Angell, not sure if you are aware, but these region experiences CAPEs in excess of anywhere on earth! Storms can explode and become tornadic within half an hour on high risk days. Furthermore, I am not sure whether you are aware of the Jarell Texas extreme CAPE tornadic event with the storm moving backwards ie tornado first and hail later! I believe that some of the historic tracks may exhibit this behaviour! More research will reveal this.

  6. To clarify my reasoning in response to the Jarrell Texas scenario, it is believed that when CAPE environments exceed say 5000J/kg, the storm can exhibit unusual motions and behaviours. CAPEs in Bangladesh have exceeded 9000J/kg – corresponding LI values of -18C! Here is a video of Jarrell that killed over 30 people, mostly holidaying children.

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