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Update - you need to check this - easily to this date the best tornado footage ever filmed in Australia!
Original Source Channel 7
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Tornado in Mulwala

There is a definite tornado confirmed by this video from last night. The evidence of this tornado is the tornadic funnel but the touchdown is also confirmed by the power flashes! This means that tornadic winds are shorting power lines in the vicinity of the tornado. Apparently damage has been reported.

Storms are expected in western NSW today and probably extending into northern and eastern Victoria. cape_nsw_21st_march_2013This is the beginning of an episode of storms for the next several days in eastern Australia!

Strong winds are also anticipated in Victoria perhaps accompanying or following this activity as the weather system impacts the region. A short wave trough is impacting the region and will extend further east over the coming days.

From the ABC

Yarrawonga tornado

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  1. The damage in the caravan park looks really bad. With multiple injuries and extensive property damage, I am surprise about the lack of reporting on this event.

  2. This is fast becoming the best tornado season in years for Australia! Note once again, not one but two videos captures of the event in a pretty isolated community. I am glad people were not killed. The tornado had a typical mesocyclone and clean structure! Were anyone chasing up from Victoria on or near this event?

  3. I have been thinking exactly the same thing. Besides the large hail producing storms in SE Qld on the 17-18 Nov, 2012 (at least three storms producing hail to 8-10 cm), this season has really been about tornadoes – Batemans bay waterspout, tornadoes in Wide bay area, tornadoes in Illawarra and now another significant event in Vic/S NSW.

  4. I heard the dreaded phrase "mini-tornado" in that video … wish the videographer would have moved away from the %$#*@ trees!

  5. I was watching last night on radar and without knowing there were tornadoes I was very impressed by the low level shear and dewpoints. There was 20-25 knt's of N/NE surface wind and dewpoints from 15-18. I don't recall any specific tornado warnings either, maybe they need to study and use this even to forecast future events as this system seems to be a text book setup for that region.

  6. Have a look at this satellite image overlaid with the observations from 6pm on the 21st of March. Mt Buller has a 45knt Northerly and at lower elevations further north there is a 20knt NE/NNE wind. With temperature/dew points of 20/17 and storms moving into this region with strong turning wind shear and high instability you would think that surface based storms would develop with a high potential for tornados. What a set-up!

  7. Did anyone else see the channel seven exclusive footage yet? Watch the link below as it is worthy of Reed Timmer.

  8. Hi Jimmy, I only heard what was reported in the media, in this case it was an interview between a damage surveyor from the Bureau of Meteorology on ABC News Radio last night (22-3-2013). He said he estimated winds in the 250-300km/h range for one of the tornadoes, stronger than he had anticipated. This would make place it in the F3 category. So far, all other news outlets are reporting F1-F2 strength.

  9. I love that photo as well. Does anyone know how many tornadoes there were? This could well be a bonafide outbreak if there were at least five individual tornadoes.

  10. Has anyone mapped the location of all the tornado reports? Seems like the main action was further north near Yarrawanga but there looks to have been other tornadoes.

  11. I drove the as close as I could to the path today from Koonoomoo to Bundalong. It seemed to lift for up to 5 km then come daown don for another few km. The worst part appears to be from just outside Mulwala for about 5km until the caravan park then across lake Mulwala to Bundalong. It would have been over 500m wide in places. At Koonoomoo it was very intense, but much more narrow.

  12. Craig, thanks for the report on the survey. Would it be possible for our convenience to map the path of sorts opn a google map perhaps. Also, feel free to post some images on this website.

  13. Well -since I wrote this message, the infamous close up video showed up. Incredible to once again see ltechnology helping us capture quite a few tornadoes.

  14. Thats a bit beyond my computer abilities. It started slightly west of Koonoomooand traveled WSW away from the road. The next place I could see damage was when one traveled on the south side of Barooga along the Barooga creek hitting the south of the town. Another one also crossed the road on the north side of town at the golf club. They both stoped for about 5 km until it starts north of the Barooga Mulwala road. Most of the way to Mulwala it stops and starts about 1km north of the road all the way to the north side of Mulwala, where it clipped a caravan park. It then crossed part of the lake before hitting Kiffens reserve where it was over 500m wide. At the end of Kiffens it destroyed the caravan park and continued along the north side of the lake right along the road for another 5 km before changing direction and heading ESE across the lake to Bundalong.

  15. Until both Michael Bath and Jeff Brislane told me I had not checked that these tornadoes had actually devastated areas on the NSW side of the border!

  16. After Koonoomoo it crossed into NSW and did not go back to Victoria until Bundalong. Around the start of that video it was destroying a shed with a header, sprayer, trucks and other equipment. That is all in one pile now with the header on its side. Just before that a bloke in his ute were picked up and thrown against a power pole.

  17. Thanks for the uncut version – saw it on my youtube channel. However, it goes to show for those that choose to contaminate their footage with swearing, it is nearly deemed unsalable! This is especially true for hailstone footage!

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