Supercells and rotation Oklahoma 17th April 2013 11

Michael and I chased from Vernon to SW Oklahoma and intercepted supercells - some with moderate to strong rotation. One mesocyclone almost produced a tornado some distance west of Lawton. The structure on these supercells was very nice HP with inflow and beaver tails. 0417jd1890417jd0240417jd065

We dropped to the last supercell west of Granfield, Oklahoma with a beast tail end Charlie discrete supercell moving east. The inflow was very strong and a tornado was reported. We did not visually see the tornado. It looks like we may have been about 5 to 10 minutes after the report for the tornado and arrived in a good position for structure shots 20 minutes after the tornado report.

There were other interesting structure shots closer as the storm headed east of Granfield as well as suspicious lowering bases. I wonder if there were any other reports.

The night time lightning shots illuminating the structures were amongst the best I have ever captured. Very few opportunities have presented themselves in recent years.

0417jd082 0417jd1060417jd171 0417jd180 0417jd186

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