Spectular Supercells NW Texas 15th April 2013

0415jd088What an incredible day on what was meant to be a marginal day!0415jd088

We got onto the supercells out there today.      We missed perhaps the first severe storm which was dying by the time we got to it with last bit of inflow. The second storm cranked up and produced rotation but it eventually became linear, so we let it go. The third storm was in between this and tail-end charlie though it produced some high based cow catcher formation and then died rather quickly when the tail end supercell cranked up and produced a nice beaver tail and likely wall cloud. In fact I filmed rotating scud below and disconnected to the base which then gradually connected and became this possible wall cloud. I don't think I have seen this occurring I guess we are usually seeing invisible action. This was obviously the interaction with the RFD and the inflow. This storm also had mostly easterly winds! But it never produced a tornado - too high based but it ended up being a beautiful wedding c0415jd042ake structured LP.0415jd044 Nice day!0415jd0980415jd095

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