Severe Storm - Moss Vale 19th February 2012

I managed to get almost a full life cycle of this storm that had great structure and large hail - my car is now dented. Only the lightning was strangely quiet, with just a few mostly clear air CG's landing behind me, a bit unsettling.



4 thought on “Severe Storm – Moss Vale 19th February 2012”
  1. More images from the day…

    I was able to experience almost the fill life cycle of this storm. This was about 20 mins after I arrived at Bundanoon. Storm is trying to organise.

    Looking more organised now and a couple of clear air CG’s were experienced.

    Weakly rotating updraft area

    Video in next post shows full life cycle, although 10 mins long it contains few boring bots and is heavily edited. It also shows me getting caught in the core.

  2. Very nice chunky base – I bet initially pure hail fail in this storm followed by the rain and hail. This area is nice for a relaxing chase good stuff Michael.


    Jimmy Deguara

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