So this storm originated just to the northwest of Grafton and travlled all the way to Coffs Harbour. I was watching it from Woolgoolga headland with Dan and Matty. Before the sunset there was a particularly pretty display of mammatus which I photograhed while Kangaroos had a play fight underneath! Quite an amazing site.

As it got dark we begain to see frequent lightning flashes hidden inside the clouds. A strong updraft kept punching up and anviling directly over our heads.

This soon begain to produce frequent anvil crawlers which we could see through a gap in the clouds.

After this we travelled back to coffs but just not could find a good vantage point to shoot anything else due to all the hills that surround Coffs and being caught in rain. As I was driving to Sawtell to try and get a better view my girlfriend rang and said we just got large hail at home, she said about the half the size of her palm.

2 thought on “Grafton to Coffs Harbour Right moving supercell Feb 12, 2012”
  1. Kane, where was the hail itself and how large is half her palm. I record the size of hailstones that falls in specific areas. The mammatus was a spectacular display. The difference I find here though is there usually is a little low cloud around – perhaps because we are closer to the coast. But awesome nevertheless. I always find it a build up as the sun goes down to see how it pans out!


    Jimmy Deguara

  2. Hey Jimmmy its exciting to see a solid storm just as the sun is going down as the lightning finally becomes shootable!..She has a hand a bit smaller then mine and accounting for possible exageration I estimate 4cm, to bad she didn’t put any in the freezer.

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