I chased a storm to Grafton which  although small had some nice structure. Early on when it was west of Corindai it seemed to have a wall cloud structure?

Later the storm was holding solid structure near Grafton.

I then made my way back down the coast to Woolgoolga and intercepted this monster shelf! Heard reports of strong winds and hail from this further down the coast.

6 thought on “Ne NSW Storms Feb 20, 2012”
  1. Awesome stuff Kane, well captured.

    You didn’t happen to be around Coffs during that right moving supercell on the 11th February did you? I have only seen one video of it, from Grafton, and the lightning rates in it were incredible.

  2. Hey ben, I did photograph that storm actually, Ill make report for that too, although my shots arent the greatest as I was at woolgoolga again but on the crappy side for stucture. The lightning rates were crazy in that storm although I only could see cc due to low clouds obscuring my view.

  3. I happened to be passing the same area and managed to snap a few pics. The storm certianly seemed to organise nicely once it came off the ranges, glad you were able to get some footage Kane

    over ranges west of coffs


    storm to east of grafton


    40 min later looking Sth from near Maclean


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