Oberon and Lithgow Storms 18 February 2012

Early afternoon on the 18 February 2012, an isolated thunderstorm built up over the Oberon Plateau and appeared to track NE. I managed find a good location at Portland (Near Lithgow) to watch the cumulonimbus cloud tower push quite high and bulge out. Following that further thunderstorms built up around the area. Eventually too many thunderstorms were building or trying to build. I found that there were too many storms and shower cells building. I then left the area, headed north and caught the Capertee storm (Separate post).

2 thought on “Oberon and Lithgow Storms 18 February 2012”
  1. In my first post, I show the storm at its peak using two cameras to provide contrast between my 14.6 megapixel Canon and my Sony video camera. The storm peaked once the updraft tower matured. I now show the storm in decay in this post with the tower losing its original shape and structure.

    At this time, I was noticing new storms building as well as congestus clouds maturing and showers beginning to fall from the larger congestus clouds. Ocassional lightning strikes were observed from the more robust towers. Once I determined that too many storms had built, I left the area.

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