Heavy Rain Event East Coast Low 16th-17th August 2014

Heavy rain event 16th 17th august 2014

Heavy rain event 16th 17th August 2014

Heavy Rain and an eventual east coast low is expected on the Illawarra to South Coast over the coming days. Some intense wind and rain conditions can be anticipated locally. Rain should develop from where it has already been raining over the northern inland areas of NSW and spread south during Saturday. Rain should increase during the day or perhaps afternoon. Most of the intense activity should be Sunday with thunderstorms possible and also an intensification in the low pressure system off the coast as the cold pool and associated upper trough destabilises the atmosphere along the coast.

Whatever happens, this is undoubtfully looking ideal for the best rainfall for NSW in months with mostly rainfall totals of about 20 to 40mm with some nearing 100mm possible in isolated pockets! Drought stricken areas of NSW will at least see some positive rains!

Rain event 16th 17th august 2014

Rain event 16th 17th August 2014