Deep hail in Texas

imageRecent hailstorms in west Texas produced this phemonal hail drift - yes it is a real hail event. Such events have been documented in the past and although not too common they can occur. Personally I have seen very few pictures from such events!

Photography courtesy National Weather Service

Orignal article source  April 12 2012

3 thought on “Deep hail in Texas”
  1. Neither have I for that matter! I sometimes imagine being stuck in a hailstorm with phenomenal drifts. What could one do? You would have to get out of there before flash floods occur!

    There was a documentary with an event depicting a supercell that dumped about a metre of hail. The problem occurred really when the hail melted! We also have documentation of a stationary supercell in extreme South Dakota 2004. I always wandered what occurred in that event. A flash flood warning was definitely issued for that event as well as base ball hail warnings.

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