20th February 2005 Giant hail smashed my windscreen perhaps up to 4 inch in diameter! Negative tilt trough with destabilisation at the time of the event - this was the second of two major supercells although I suspect this one was more potent! I measured 8.3cm hail and I did not look for too long as I was getting too wet. The most interesting thing apart from the hail was whilst being hammered by base ball sized hail, I passed under the overhand for about 30 or so seconds, no hail fell and then bang! The giant stuff!

One thought on “20th February 2005 Monster hailstones in Singleton with smashed windscreen”
  1. Here is the article for the giant hail event in 2005. I was meant to mention that Geoff Thurtell was also on this chase! I was the recipient of the broken glass!

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