Bushfires and Heat Wave Temperatures to 46C 16th January 2014 2

heat wave adelaide south_australia 16th January 2014The heat continues across southern Australia and this time Adelaide and nearby regions in western Victoria is allowing for pretty dangerous bushfire conditions! Widespread temperatures of 44-46C are anticipated which is unusual so close to the coastal strip!

Bushfires have been raging across the countryside keep bushfire fighters on alert. With the predicted temperatures today, it is inevitable that widespread busfires will continue with likely more intense fires this afternoon as the heat and winds combine.Victorian  bushfire map 16th January 2014

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  1. "Adelaide is expected to experience its hottest day on record, with a forecast top of 46 degrees Celsius. By 11am, the mercury had already reached 40.8C, and by midday it had climbed to 42.1C." Now I recall when we hit 46 in western Sydney about a year ago, the temperatures had hit the predicted maximum of 43C by 11am – does anyone recall the exact time. The Bureau had to review the temperature maximum to 46C!

  2. Port Augusta has exceeded 45C at 45.5C at 3pm. This is more likely a place that may get to 46C. Adelaide is increasing at 44C but may struggle to hit 46C mark. We'll see.

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