Big fire day unfortunately- and it seems a high temperature day with low humidity - when it gets to 41C at 11am (Richmond currently), then it usually is likely mid-40s day! The photo by the way is a picture from my friend Harley Pearman who is on the beach as part of rapid evacuations at Batemans Bay! High temperatures, wind and low humidity - recipe for disaster!

The temperature went up 10C in 2 hours at Richmond! Also the fires in St Albans near Wisemans Ferry has awakened after days - conditions are ripe today for dangerous bushfires!

Post edit 44.1C Penrith already exceeded mac temperature for today!

Edit: it’s already nudging 45C fire rating included calculated based on dew points temperatures etc

Further edit 46.2C Penrith Maximum now

Topped at 46.3C at 3:20pm

Thankfully i was wrong about my suspicions of spread of fires near Sydney. Only one day of bad conditions plus the work done by fire fighters held back those fires!


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