Western Sydney supercell November 3rd,2000 video footage

I've been going through the home videos and discovered this footage of the Wentworthville tornadic supercell from November 3, 2000. I do remember coming back from Toongabbie on James Ruse Drive, looking to the south  and seeing the wall of moisture from the Sea Breeze front feeding into the updraft with incredible speed. I rushed home to grab the video camera to capture what I could at the time. i didn't realise what an amazing event this turned out to be . The time on the video is one hour behind as I hadn't reset for daylight savings time. Cheers, Con.

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  1. This is awesome, I lived in Wentworthville in a spot the tracks say it didn't hit that day but I remember it vividly, had no clue was was going on until I saw the rotating mass pass over my house and put a tree through the next door neighbours house.

    From the info I dug up about it, they say the Tornado stayed closer to the M4 than out my way, when in fact it touched down again and went over at Toongabbie East Public School and the houses around there.

  2. Con. This brings back memories and was the storm that made me chase more. I had no car back then and was off to New Zealand the next day. I had never seen or experienced a supercell till this storm. I had only read about them in books and textbooks. Personally, I was amazed as to how fast the whole storm moved. I had no camera as I had packed it away ready for my New Zealand holiday. I had no knowledge or ability to forecast these type of storms storms back then. Things have changed significantly in 12 years.

    Blacktown CBD and areas west and north missed it. I ran to Seven Hills and just made it to the edge of the outflow rain just in time. I was stunned at what I saw. This was the storm that made me start taking more interest in thunderstorms and supercell storms. The Seven Hills area where I was being the roof of the shopping centre car park did get the very edge of the rain and very high outflow winds but no hail.

  3. Jimmy, I did take a few stills , I’ll have to hunt them down, and yes Shane that is the local oval, it hasn’t seen a decent storm since the February 2005 HP supercell that went through just to the north of Parramatta, and Harley, yes it was a great storm to develop your passion for chasing storms . Cheers, Con.

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