While the north west Pacific Ocean is busy with two tropical typhoons, attention should now be focussed within an area close to Hawaii. This is a very busy time for tropical storms on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. No less than two more tropical storms are being monitored with one system south south east of Hawaii and another located south west of Hawaii.

One such storm called Kilo appears to be a threat to northern Hawaii in coming days.

Tropical Storm Kilo

This storm is located south south east of Hawaii and located over waters of 29C to 30C in temperature. The storm is expected to develop into a new hurricane with a maximum strength being a Category Two storm. The storm is expected to sustain winds of at least 85 knots (Approximately 157 km/h) within 4 days.

The storm is forecast to track north west and could be a threat to northern Hawaii in coming days.

Tropical Storm Four

The storm is currently developing over open waters with temperatures of 29C. The storm is expected to sustain tropical storm strength with maximum winds of 55 knots (Approximately 101 km/h) in coming days. The storm is expected to take a north west path over open ocean before decaying.

The relevant models from CIMSS (Acquired 21 and 22 August 2015) is attached.

It appears that new tropical storms and hurricanes are forming on a weekly basis to a point where once one storm dies, a new storm forms to take its place. At least many of the storms that form within the eastern Pacific are not making landfall.

It should be noted that there are currently five such storms across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans at the present time creating a busy time for forecasters across several countries. Now forecasters will be busy monitoring the new storms that are forming in close proximity to Hawaii.

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  1. The other tropical storm (Tropical Storm 4) has been named Tropical Storm Loke. The storm is still expected to track north, northwestward over coming days which would ensure its entire life span will occur over open ocean. Current models still suggest the storm to approach the threshold of a hurricane but maintain tropical storm status.

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