Storms Western Sydney 7th of April 2013 5

image21Storms formed around Campbeltown this afternoon and tracked north Towards Penrith and St Marys. One of these cells intensified with a strong radar return or two before breaking down rapidly. Before it broke down though it produced a very well defined funnel cloud. At first I though the lowered areas were just scud but it appears some decent interaction was going on as a funnel appeared rapidly and I was even able to see it condensate before my eyes!

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  1. I was driving down the Northern Rd when the funnel appeared. This was from my mounted iPhone.

  2. Hi Jeff, nice imagery and definitely a base funnel there. I was looking SW at that feature when I went to pick Kimberly up from Blacktown. Interestingly, rain developed in the time I left Schofields and when I approached back via Quakers Hill, it was interesting to see how localised the rain was falling in one area whilst 200metres back it was almost dry! Then within 500 metres from there was run off in gutters! Rain with localised thunder persisted for at least 40 minutes or more.

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