Storms rain event SE Australia 17 to 20 December 2011

This event was on the cards for some time. Warnings are current in South Australia and western NSW. This system will gradually contract east over the next day or so with the potential for heavy rainfall.

Jimmy Deguara

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  1. There were storms in South Australia last night – no doubt some were supercells on the back end of the system behind the retreating cloud band. Interesting scenarios can pop up in South Australia when the moisture hits the area.

    See : 256km Radar Loop for Adelaide (Buckland Park), 00:00 17/12/2011 to 00:00 18/12/2011 UTC

    This video is from the Whyallah region

    Funnel cloud and possible tornado north of Laura, South Australia

  2. This system appeared to maximize over Victoria on Sunday. Some of the rainfall totals were amazing and notably Halls Gap which received 90mm in 20 minutes. That is a phenomenal rainfall rate, even for the tropics let alone for western inland Victoria!


  3. Jeff Brislane said:

    “This system appeared to maximize over Victoria on Sunday.”

    I think the most intense storms were over South Australia.


    Jimmy Deguara

  4. Totally agree about the storms being much better in South Australia, I was actually thinking more about the rainfall side of this event and it seems that western Victoria copped the brunt of extreme rainfall.

  5. Late afternoon of the 19 December 2012, I observed what appeared to be a thunderstorm building around the Prospect area which was embedded within light rain and low cloud. Driving home from work along the Great Western Highway, I observed a darkening cloud base and first observed the rain core at Pendle Hill. At Prospect, I drove into heavy rain. I turned into Flushcombe Road and parked the car at the Prospect Woolworths. I was amazed at what happened thereafter.

    The Prospect area went on to experience a deluge from that storm, some 52 mm in a very short period of time. I took a number of photos and the rainfall was so heavy that the only way to capture the event was to hold my umbrella high above my head and with my other hand, take my photos pointing the camera down to ensure that I did not get rain or spray on my lens. I succeeded in capturing the rain / storm event but was drenched in the process.

    During that event, the stormwater system within the Prospect Woolworths Supermarket could not handle the downpour and stormwater began pouring through the roof in places and staff were at the doors with mops trying to keep water from entering the supermarket. The car park filled with water as drains filled and overflowed. Surface water was seen pouring over Flushcombe Road as nearby household gutters could not handle the deluge.

    This was a localised thunderstorm with Merrylands West getting 62 mm, followed by Prospect getting 52 mm of rain. A small number of rain guages around Blacktown showed 40 mm to 48 mm. Any rain guage or weather station outside this small area received much less with only 26 mm at Parramatta (Source BOM rainfall observation totals 20/12/2011). I provide two photos which captures the event.

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