1107jd0261107jd016A surprise storm developed in Western Sydney as humid air remained after some active storm days. Models totally missed the event but upon closer examination CAPE values from soundings seem to indicate the potential of storms along the boundary near the escarpment.1107jd001

1107jd032Cumulus fields developed and soon a shower developed near Appin. A pattern of shower and weakening continued until a stronger cell approached Horsley Park. Preparing myself for intercept, I repositioned near Riverstone knowing full well cells would take off near Penrith.

1107jd1071107jd1081107jd046The cell developed west of Penrith and moved northeast intensifying. I 1107jd076repositioned near Richmond  for a time-lapse opportunity.  Intense precipitation occurred as the storm propagated north as a multicell. After meeting Jeff Brislane and his son briefly, I made a dash for the Putty Road. The storm was further to the east but it was obvious the storm development would  come out near Singleton. The storm continued on into the Barrington Tops region during the evening hours. Only minor reports of hail 1107jd074 1107jd0591107jd094


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