Severe Cell with Damaging Winds Dungog Region 16th March 2014 9

Raced up the putty road,with a fast line of storms approaching from the west,could see the cell behind me that jimmy,Harley and Michael Keene  were onto but the change had caught up with me,so I checked radar and knew I had to push it to the dungog region,the storm wasn't photogenic  at all,got to the valley just before dungog location allyn river / east crestford  came around the bend and knew I wasn't going to make it past the core,then it hit,within seconds the was a massive tree down across both lanes, quickly got the car around to find a safer location because it was snapping large healthy trees like match sticks with the winds gusting easy 100 Klm plus,the intenity of the core lasted for several minutes,there were trees down every where,helped some locals move quite a few.Off the roads,houses were damaged and lots of fencing to,spoke to some locals and they said they have never seen a storm with winds so strong come through like that before,I have an awesome video of this event on my Facebook page storm optix,cheers colinimage image image image image image image image image

4 thought on “Severe Cell with Damaging Winds Dungog Region 16th March 2014”
  1. I thought to my self on the way home I should of checked the house to see if everyone was ok,but everyone was helping around the area which was great to see

  2. The house was still intact but I guess more shock unless debris entered the house and people standing near a window. I note the roof is still intact as well. Seems to me more if a sudden wind although still strong.

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