Note that most of the records reported here at Warm records - so no cold records occurred? The current thinking is that warm records outnumber cold records 2 to 1. So where are half the cols records during September! Is this a deliberate attempt to bias the warming trend? Is there a hidden agenda? Likely so!

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11 thought on “Selected Significant Climate Anomalies and Events September 2019”
  1. Did you think i lost my mind? If you check on their website all warm records no mention of cool records. Is this NOAA? Is this science? Not a chance BIAS and AGENDA is not science. Very sad actually.

    Go back on their website August July June either hottest on record or similar also driest period Australia serves a mention. Highest temperature for a location or highest month. Yet they say that warm temperatures outnumber cold temperatures 2:1. At this rate it’s infinity:1

    I was open minded but we even see in the previous thread how the push climate change or global warming is warming. No balanced or open views.

    I am reading to and fro arguments as to whether NOAA and/or other departments around the world have twisted data to a warming. I cannot be convinced otherwise.

  2. Interesting thing is there are records for polar ice going all the way back to long before satellites were invented. The Norwegians have extensive record from man made measurements. These NOAA and others just write it off as not required. That, is not scientific rigour.

  3. The warmist alarmism over sea ice is laughable at best, there is plenty of evidence that shows sea ice has been at far lesser levels than today and we are all still here. The walrus are at population levels that are greater than ever. Polar bears are not extinct. Yet looking at that graphic the time frames do not show the true picture. If I remember the time frames correectly this was just prior to the great famine and Europe got caned, millions died.

  4. Most weather enthusiasts many of whome have studied weather and climate are not deniers of climate change, or climate variability…most of my weather friends are all for climate change….the problem is how do we extrapolate the natural climate forcing of variability of which there are a number of causes, climate change is not driven by anthropogenic causes as the major contributor, so where do we as climate change believers draw the line of climate change causes ?….it is true that about 6 billion tonnes of CO2 are poured into the atmosphere by human activity …..then we put up that amount to the natural atmospheric loading of CO2 which is near 354 billion tonnes…these are figures provided by scientists not mine …why do scientists keep claiming the Arctic sea ice will disappear when it hasn’t (yet) and why don’t the same scientists tell us about the Arctic oscillation !….every 60 or 70 years the Arctic Ocean ice cover declines these are facts….I for one believe that climate change is very real but how do we proportion blame ? …global warming will never be just warming it will mean stronger signal for climate extremes….we have been living in what I call a “millpond” phase with very little in climate variability over the past 8000 thousand years….global climate variability of 10 fold greater than the current changes have occurred and these variations can last for millions of years….

  5. I am skeptical of this warming myself. There are no balanced views expressed of cold weather events or extreme cold outbreaks yet they do occur. The bias towards warming trends or extreme heat or extreme dry is of concern. Why is the media totally focused on warming or heat but neglect the cold periods. As an example, I have heard references that the current drought in Australia is the worst ever. Yes things are bad in some areas but there have also been previous droughts that have also been just as severe. There was a very severe drought in Australia around 1900 to 1902 in which sheep numbers fell from around 108 million to around 50 million (Approximate). There are no mention of the severity of the 1900 to 1902 drought or the 1939 drought and January heatwave that came with that. I am questioning the media’s agenda on this one.

  6. Australia experiences two types of drought (simplified) not to mention seasonal normal droughts such the tropical north….or the southwest WA seasonal summer drought….the federation type appears as a long term dry trend (1898 to 1910 approx) these are long term declines in ave rainfall over large areas of mainly eastern and southeastern Australia …there was a weaker long term dry phase from the 1935 to 1945 then the famous melenium drought from 1998 to 2010, these long term droughts can cause great harm and seem to appear every 50 years or so….the other type of drought is the short term drought currently affecting mainly NSW and southern QLD…these are nasty spells of extreme dry conditions but they tend to last a much shorter time perhaps 6 months to 18 months…these droughts appear to end quickly…examples are the awful drought over eastern Australia in 1967…broke in April 1968, the late 1982 and 1983 drought broke in March 1983 (drought breaking rains from North Queensland through NSW and Victoria this drought broke in just over a period of a week.

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