access to higher resolution than available on the standard google maps?

I haven't found any better resolution online imagery for this area.

However NSW Lands Dep do have air photo coverage around the right date:- 16th April 2006 for the area and at 1:25000 hard copy airphotos or even better enlargements of the specific damage area should give better resolution (esp viewed in 3D) than Google and may give a clearer idea on damage details.

Map name- KIAMA, Map No.- 9028
Photography Date- 16 Aprill 2006
Film No- 4959, Scale- 1:25000
Run- 1 Photo- 7 centers on damage area Photos- 5,6,7,8,9 full (3D) coverage

As for the trees which again "may" be damage related to the event they lie bettween the orange dashed lines on the earlier image
and are roughly centered in the of the damage path, there may be further evidence of damage just to the east of this as the terrain drops away but without earlier imagery to check against I didn't highlight this as it is not well defined.

Here's what it looks like to me, note they are all "possibles" in relation to direction and cause.(brighter colour arrows appear to be a little more defined?) Better imagery ie air photo enlargements may shed more light on this so long as they weren't cleaned up in the interim.


PS:- WA has a pretty good selection of imagery online
example:- Australind
Mar 2006

Nov 2007

Nov 2010


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