As far as I am aware, there is no report of a tornado at this location on the BoM database. Given that the evidence is looking fairly convincing, I was thinking of contacting the BoM. Any advise with this? I guess one interesting point to make is that there appears to be no sightings of a funnel/tornado. You would think that a tornado with a ~3.7 km track would be seen in that area. One possible explanation may be that the tornado was wrapped/hidden by rain. This seems to make sense since there was a storm to the N/NW which was putting rain into the updraft region.

Finally, Paul, if you read this - "In the area on the east side of Irvines Rd there appears to be a number of trees that have fallen in different directions E SE Nth NW etc." Where are the trees that have fallen to the N or NW in relation to the damage path (ie north or south)?



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