east_coast_low_25th_December_2013An east coast low forming off the NSW coast could make things interesting with rainfall anticipated through Sydney Central Coast and Illawarra. Of course, positioning of the low can greatly influence totals!


One thought on “Rain band and East Coast Low 25th to 26th December 2013”
  1. This system brought 26 mm of rain to Blacktown where I live. Generally rainfall across Sydney was not that heavy with 10 to 31 mm being common. Rainfall was evenly uniform across the city.

    However this system has provided back to back cool, cloudy and rainy Christmas Days in a row (2012 and 2013 Christmas Days have been wet) and apparently at Observatory Hill Sydney, around 21 mm of rain fell which is the same amount that fell on Christmas Day in 2012.

    The heaviest falls occurred around Wollongong where upwards of 50 mm fell.

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