Rain and Storms from 18th November 2013 2

heavy_rainfall_chart_Newcastle_18_11_2013It seems the Bureau's mesoscale model is showing rainfall totals in excess of 100mm in the latest runs near Newcastle as the small low centres off the Mid North Coast.

The cold air aloft covers most of NSW and is the coldest widespread air I have seen on a model for this time of year! It can only mean more rain and storms for the coming days!

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  1. Overnight Sunday and into Monday morning much of the Lower Hunter Valley was deluged with rain. Some of the falls are amazing and include the following:-

    Bulahdelah 118 mm.
    Crawford 122 mm.
    Dungog 167 mm.
    Upper Myall Creek 141 mm.
    Gresford 147 mm.
    Mil Dam Falls 184 mm.
    Clarencetown 200 mm.
    Gostwyck Bridge 172 mm.
    Patterson 215 mm.
    Tocal 173 mm.
    Maitland 120 mm.
    Williamtown 155 mm.
    Newcastle 74 mm to 155 mm with much of the city receiving over 100 mm.
    Bateau Bay 130 mm.

    The extent of the exceptional falls extended south of Bulahdelah to Bateau Bay and inland to about Carrowbrook for the 24 hours to 9 am Monday morning.

  2. During Monday and into early Tuesday 18 and 19 November, it was Sydney’s turn to have some significant falls. In addition to what occurred at Hornsby (Covered under a separate heading), heavy rain showers swept large areas of Sydney although they were hit and miss.

    The heaviest fall up until 9 am 19/11/2013 occurred at Prospect Reservoir where 76 mm fell followed by falls of 60 mm from Merrylands to 58 mm near Prospect.


    A fall of 69 mm fell at Hornsby.
    Falls of 14 to 18 mm fell from Bondi to La Peruse.
    Falls of 13 mm to 18 mm fell around Greendale.
    Falls of 26 to 38 mm fell around Blacktown.
    The northern beaches received 28 to 37 mm.

    Following the heavy falls around Auburn between 2 pm and 3 pm, I drove west along Mona Street and noted that Duck River had risen considerably and much of the Mona Street parklands were inundated with water. I had no camera with me to take any photos.

    Generally the heavy shower events were hit and miss but all areas of Sydney received something from this event.

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