LP aims for Castle Hill 24th February 2013

0224jd251Below is a beautiful LP non-severe storm slightly earlier that approached Castle Hill. Just a little more information on this - I was stuck within the confines of the area of Castle Hill for the evening but went out prior to the time for an hour or so. This was there for the taking! I am now very excited after processing the video and creating the time-lapse!

I thought this particular storm for me personally exhibited clear rotation visually and is backed up on the video! Simply beautiful and I guess I got lucky for a change! The framing and direction could not be much more perfect than this!

2 thought on “LP aims for Castle Hill 24th February 2013”
  1. The question is – can we call this a supercell? From a rotation perspective no doubt. From a perspective of scale, the so called scale of a mesocyclone has clearly defined diameter so to speak – which likely does not meet the criteria!

    AMS Definition mesocyclone.

    A cyclonically rotating vortex, around 2–10 km in diameter, in a convective storm.

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