I am trying to remember- in fact - i just did. There was a documentary or let’s say make believe scenario where after years of drought a massive heat wave in Sydney fires spark up i think from lightning strikes and approach from the NW and N and wipes out thousands of homes.

Are we seeing perhaps a setup scenario? I mean over 600 homes in NSW have been burned as of early December but with a “mega-fire” NW of Sydney we are to this point lucky that winds are not strong NW!

People’s thoughts? Who remembers the documentary scenario? It comes back to the same point as Tim Marshall said “large cities - larger targets”! Probability of a “hit” increases!

Incidentally, i can assure you that insurance premiums have already increased dramatically like $600 in my case for home insurance in one hit in preparation for this massive anticipated influx of claims.


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One thought on “I am trying to remember- in fact – i just did. There was a scenario based documentary”
  1. What you are describing sounds like a documentary on the Black Saturday fires in 2009 in Victoria. Those fires were to the North West of Melbourne. I’ve watched it on you tube a number of times.

    It is only now with the advent of smart phone cameras are we getting insight into what it is like on the fire fronts.

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