Elk City Supercell April 26th 2013

Elk_city_supercell000 Elk_city_supercell001After a long wait, storms developed in northwestern

Oklahoma and intensified as the afternoon progressed. A supercell beast developed near Elk City and moved south east with striated structure.

Can you spot the funnel?


Giant hail fell from this storm in or near CordellDSC_3479



Elk City Supercell by Michael Bath


5 thoughts on “Elk City Supercell April 26th 2013

  1. Jimmy Deguara

    This storm achieved some significant rotation but never seemed to get going. Nice structure though!

  2. Jimmy Deguara

    Hi Tim Marshall, yes we saw a funnel on the edge of the periphery of the mess-cyclone – will put it up shortly. But that was it. The rain curtains did not seem like they were rotating rapidly at all.

  3. Simon Angell

    to the right of the right rain streak. Just about on the 2/3rd vertical line and 2/3rd Horizontal line ;)

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