El Reno wedge tornado survivors


The Weather Channel Vehicle from Mike Bettes and crew that thankfully and luckily survived the tornado!


This picture above sent shock waves being that it was from a storm chaser. Little did I know that it was from The Weather Channel team caught in the infamous video taped tornado escape.

This photograph is a closeup view of the vehicle across the road - chances of survival becomes slim when the vehicle is crushed and with glass breaking debris being hurled around at high speeds.


imageThis vehicle was one of the victims if this tornado. The axle lay on the opposite side of the road - was not sure from which vehicle it came from.





6 thought on “El Reno wedge tornado survivors”
  1. The Weather Channel vehicle tornado toppled by the tornado was added in this article check it out! This was the vehicle involved in the lucky escape infamous video of Mike Bettes and crew!

  2. If I read it correctly from an interview with Mike Bette's, it seems he was suggesting all chasers got hit by the tornado. Not true because we got out fairly easily and do did others. However, quite a few stories are coming through of close encounters and some chasers have quit after this event.

  3. Blah.. Blah…. I got out of there easily too. Positioned myself on Highway 81 and moved south.. I was a bit concerned about the traffic, but most of us got out of there. 99.9% of us did not get ht by this tornado. Many of us had had to escape but 99.9% of us lived through it. This was not easy, but 99.9% will be back.

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