While we're about to go off the deep end from lack of storms here in the Northern Hemisphere winter, the heart of the tornado season is about to begin in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay of the Southern Hemisphere, and of course Australia. Every December through February, Argentina and southern Brazil are pounded by strong tornadoes and massive hail, as storms develop over the higher terrain just east of the Andes, and roll eastward into the deeper moisture of the adjacent Pampas. The countryside in this region is ideal for storm chasing, with flat treeless plains and a near gridded road network. Scott Currens of ViolentPlains.com is an Argentina tornado expert, with an entire web page dedicated to them (http://www.violentplains.com/Argentina.htm). At this site, you can find archived satellite and radar imagery for Argentinian tornado days, as well as surface observations and videos. Shown below are some of the best tornado videos from Brazil and Argentina...We're hoping to go down there one of these days!

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