Hi Jimmy - been a very hectic past 10 days or so with the major thunderstorm events in SE QLD and parts of NSW, but with Brisbane copping the worst a few times.  I think I must have done about 100 hours work with EWN last week LOL  - been enjoyable but quite tiring. It was good to have a break on Sunday and Monday. Went to see Quantum of Solace - the new Bond movie on Monday night. I enjoyed it but it lacked some the usual things you'd expect from a Bond film.

The 16th Nov chase was great - so much lightning on the day too. I don't normally try to get much lightning on video , but this day was a gift - even apart from all the severe weather !

Then the 20th November we had some severe storms locally - with the beautiful shelf cloud structures that developed over a wide area.

By Michael Bath

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