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Ridge persists decreasing chances of storms

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Bit warmer and more humid today - at the surface at least. Looks more likely there will be some cells in the Dorrigo to Glen Innes region this afternoon.  The QLD ridge (QUIDGE) is poorly positioned and not bringing in deep low level mositure. The pattern is more typical of January I think when the quidge can shut down storms in coastal locations for a week or two.

Mild day for mid November

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Another fairly mild day for mid November with the max only reaching about 25. The dew point fell away to 10 later today - certainly a sign the atmosphere has only slightly recovered from the powerful cold front last week. In fact it's really just the shallow seabreeze moisture otherwise the DP would be well below 10.

Highlight in the sky today was some tiny cumulus from the east, a thin layer of smoke from the south which was fairly high up - not sure where that is originating from, and then some cirrus from the west. Bring back the high humidity and storms thanks !