Hi guys,

Some wonderful photos there! Shame the cell was missed Jeff. Looks great on the radar returns!

We had several storms come through yesterday (1st March) evening. The biggest storms seemed to be sitting down around Walgett. They were showing some intense Mammatus on their anvils which I could see clearly even though we're 70k's away.

Our first storms around 8pm were very HP but moving rapidly NE. Lightning was intense but we missed the best shots while we were in transit getting to a good area to shoot from. Fairly typical lol. The largest main cell came in behind the first one or two from the West and hit town around 9:30pm. I'll get some rain totals for those.

We saw some amazing crawlers but CG were very limited.

Nice to see some action as it's been a poor season to say the least.

I wonder if anyone took shots of the severe storm that hit Broken Hill on the 1st around 7pm?



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