Hot Day Adelaide and southern Australia 2nd February 2014
Hot Conditions Southern Australia
Hot Conditions Southern Australia


gfs.stormcast.bsch_.init-2014013018z.fcst-201401311600z.tscreen.aus_.null_.0-580x498Hot conditions are again expected to occur in southern South Australia and west Victoria prior to a wind change. Temperature forecast of 43C for Adelaide and hotter conditions inland will yield health warnings. The recent hot conditions in late January killed more than 200 people from heat related conditions in Victoria alone.



4 thought on “Hot Day Adelaide and southern Australia 2nd February 2014”
  1. Inland suburbs from Adelaide have topped 44C – pretty consistent with the models on surface temperature forecast.

  2. The temperature has in the past hour now officially exceeded the forecast temperature – 43.9 at 12:53pm

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