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Tail-end Charlie Supercells 24th May 2018

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Today's action beginning in eastern Colorado and then SW Kansas 24th May 2018. Obviously outflow dominant storms and dust! Thanks to Greg for his help on photography settings - it has made an incredible difference. And it is great to be able to team up with Aussie mates - today it was Willoughby Owen, Brayden A Marshall and Greg Campbell.


here are all the lightning pictures. As I was taking the lightning pictures, a Sheriff stopped flashed his colourful lights and his beam onto my photography position (I wasn't going to tell him that). He asked where you from New York due to number plates - many questions about what I am doing where I am from, are the storms better in Australia and so forth! In the end (I was seeing storm picture opportunities withering away) I suggested may I please take some photographs? He said I will leave you alone just if things were ok! Now these lightning barrages were whatever the setting was on AV 30 second exposures.

Did anyone get pictures from the southern or southeast side? There was what seemed to be inflow structure - it may have been a supercell at least earlier

Nebraska Supercells 23rd May 2018

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Long drive from New Mexico. Starting the actual chase from Sidney Nebraska the chase zig-zagged across southern Nebraska. The storm tried wrap a vague hook - I saw the base but it could not get it done. ((These are pics taken off the screen of the laptop - no internet here). I assume the pole got struck and snapped by lightning- very spectacular!

Copped some hail damage from a core punch into this storm - golf ball sized hailstones!

Here is the one from the other night that people seemed to like but is the original