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Colorado to Wyoming Supercells and Lightning Show 27th May 2018

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Firstly congratulations to those that got the tornadoes in Wyoming including Nick Nicholas Moir! We were headed that way but got sidetracked by the storm east of Denver which looked good perhaps a little higher based.
There were several areas of rotation although one circulation in particular showed stronger rotation - this most likely was a tornado given the tight ground dust spin-up lasting about 30 seconds

And of course, I chased into Scottsbluff last night and pinched my tyre flat at the hotel - getting it fixed now.

Texas Panhandle Supercell breaks the cap 25th May 2018

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After a few attempts earlier and a good call from Willoughby to let the original storm to pass into drier air, we headed back north to I-40 corridor. With lunch and some relaxing, we watched the storm take off! More storms to chase into Oklahoma after this rotated for some time and shrivelled upwards at sunset.

Pictures 25th May 2018 near Wheeler Texas - the lighting was good for photography with a pretty supercell and mammatus

Posted by Jimmy Deguara on Saturday, 26 May 2018

Tail-end Charlie Supercells 24th May 2018

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Today's action beginning in eastern Colorado and then SW Kansas 24th May 2018. Obviously outflow dominant storms and dust! Thanks to Greg for his help on photography settings - it has made an incredible difference. And it is great to be able to team up with Aussie mates - today it was Willoughby Owen, Brayden A Marshall and Greg Campbell.


here are all the lightning pictures. As I was taking the lightning pictures, a Sheriff stopped flashed his colourful lights and his beam onto my photography position (I wasn't going to tell him that). He asked where you from New York due to number plates - many questions about what I am doing where I am from, are the storms better in Australia and so forth! In the end (I was seeing storm picture opportunities withering away) I suggested may I please take some photographs? He said I will leave you alone just if things were ok! Now these lightning barrages were whatever the setting was on AV 30 second exposures.

Did anyone get pictures from the southern or southeast side? There was what seemed to be inflow structure - it may have been a supercell at least earlier