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4 consecutive days of frosts

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That flight represents an awesome way to fly - or should I say chase storms:) I hope I get a 40th birthday present flying in front of a tornadic supercell in the United States. Fantastic piccies there!

Yes the cold air continues to blast us and nights are cold - 4 consecutive days of frosts! I bet by the weekend we may see some severe frosts once again. Nothing unusual for this time of the year.

As to the question you had about sheep. twins are not uncommon but triplets are less common except in a particular breed of Merino so I was told this morning. So the important thing to note is that breeds affect the number of lambs they have.


Chilly with frosts about

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I took the opportunity yesterday morning to take a one hour glider flight over the Byron area - this was a gift voucher I received for my 40th birthday back in March. The weather was calm and clear, so just about ideal for the flight. Needless to say the area looked spectacular from the air.

I can feel a wind chill in the air this morning but the real cold air is yet to arrive this far north. Tomorrow will be chilly with frosts about.