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-3C – coldest morning so far this year – severe frosts

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It was cold alright! You know you have those cold winter mimimums when the landscape is white all over and the colour seems to have that light purple look to it as well. Yes -3C is the coldest morning this year following a -1.5C the previous morning. This next change should make things interesting as following the cold conditions will be some very severe frosts.


Temperatures plumet to near -10C Northern Tablelands

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Hi Jimmy - easily had the coldest morning of the year here. 4 C up here on the hill at McLeans Ridges, and -2 in the lower parts including nearby Lismore. Someone rang up the radio  station with a -4 which is rather cool. Looks like it only just managed to get very low overnight minimums given the approaching cloud band. Temps got close to -10 on the Northern Tablelands.

The next cold change is unlikely to have too much impact in NE NSW apart from dropping the daytime maximums. Hopefully winds will swing SE when the next high pushes through so we can get some much needed rain.