I noticed a few of us now have our own youtube channels so I thought it would be fun to create a thread where we could post our best 3 videos to share. I'll start it off:


This is from March 1, 2011. A severe storm produced this impressive shelf cloud as view from the Bellinger River. This storm produced strong wind gusts and brought down tress across the highway north to Coffs Harbour.

Its cool to watch the waves develop on the calm river as the wind kicks in on the last few frames.


This is from Semtember 2010. A Probable supercell traversed much of the Coffs Coast while producing a stunning lightning display.


This is from August 4 2008. Storms offshore from Sawtell NSW put on a display of lightning. It's pretty cool to watch the stars move across the sky in the background due to the earths rotation.


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