Western Sydney Lightning show 11 March 2015 8

The storm of Wednesday evening produced a wonderful display of lightning as is passed over. I managed to get outdoors and video tape the event. I came away with much video film and a collection of photos worthy of presentation. I present a gallery of the images captured from start to end.

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  1. The photo above being one of the first captured shows numerous thin lightning bolts below the cloud base. I observed several such lightning flashes as the storm approached.

    Please note, I was under a protected shelter which enabled me to continue filming these.

    Another image of such lightning is presented below.

    As the storm approached me, there was prolific lightning with some cloud to ground strikes, some intra cloud flashes and sheet lightning.

  2. Even when the storm was overhead, some interesting and very close lightning observed.

  3. One of my favourite is this strike which pulsed a few times. This was a powerful strike to the north of me.

  4. At one point, the sky lit up with this powerful strike close by. The problem of some of these were that a number of such strikes were too bright and a large glow occurred. I was fortunate to get this image considering the brightness of the strike.

  5. As the storm moved away from me, I stayed back and managed to secure some images of anvil crawlers taking place. as shown.

  6. Further anvil crawlers. I finished this sequence of events at Glenwood. I relocated to get a better view of the anvil crawlers occurring by this stage. At this point in time, the rain had ceased enabling me to stand outside again. Following this, I returned home.

    This left me with many hours of having to process the film and photos but given the limited time, I was satisfied knowing that I had captured the event as best as I could.

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