A new movie titled “Supercell” is expected to be released in cinemas on the 17 March 2023 and is directed by Herbert James Winterstern.

Not much is known about the storeyline other than to advise, that it is another American weather disaster movie. Based on known facts, the movie appears to tell the storey of a young man following his parents legacy of storm chasing across the American Mid West. The movie stars:

  • Alec Baldwin.
  • Daniel Diemer.
  • Anne Heche.
  • Anjul Nigam.
  • Jordan Kristine Seamon.
  • Skeet Ulrich.



A second weather movie is also currently being produced titled “Twister 2”. At the present time, very little is known about the plot or who is starring in this. It appears to be a sequel to Twister that was released in 1995. The expected release date is July 19 2024.

Feature photo image attached is taken near Maitland (Lower Hunter Valley New South Wales) Friday November 13 2015 which has the appearance of an American supercell.